Thursday, October 20, 2005

So Happy Together

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For the past three Saturdays, my little sister, *** and me have been going out together. *** and I try to cheer her up 'coz she's going through a lot in school lately.

I think she had a blast last Sunday because there was a mallwide sale at Megamall and the moment she got there she went to Comic Alley to go on an anime shopping spree! I have not had anything at all when I left the house because I swam first and then by the time I got to the unit, *** was almost there already and my sister was eager to leave. I only got to have my lunch around 4pm!

We had lunch at Sukhothai. The food there is great, I really recommend it plus the food there is not that pricey! The most fun part of lunch was when we finished the Chicken Satay and we started using the sticks as Pick Up Sticks. To those not familiar with the game, the sticks are scattered by bundling the sticks with one hand and letting the sticks go such that they are spread on the table. The object of the game is to get all the sticks without moving the other sticks. I could tell, *** and my sister are getting along well... very well!

After semi-dinner, we went bowling. Surprisingly, my sister played really well. I still suck but at least I got a 50+ and a 60+! Yahoo... my average score is 30! :D

After bowling, we had DQ dipped cones, while *** had a mudpie Blizzard. While still eating, we went inside Cinnabon to eat some more!!! Talk about pigging out!

We all went home at around 12 midnight already. There was a midnight sale and so we got to stay at the mall longer than usual!

It was a great day! My two favorite people, laughing and having fun together! I wish I caught everything on video!!!

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