Friday, October 07, 2005

Give Me Five!

Five months! *woot*

December of 2004, *** left for the States because he had to attend a wedding. This was a few days after he allegedly texted me after my friend gave my number to him. I never replied according to him. It could have ended there. While he was in the States, he met a friend's boss at Anaheim. The boss liked his resume and wanted to hire him. Unfortunately, he has already returned to the Philippines when the boss sent him an e-mail that he wanted to hire him already. Then, he could not return right away. He had to wait for six months.

A few weeks after he got back, he got to meet me, first via YM through a common friend and then in person. After we first met, things started to just snap into place. It was like we were meant to find each other in this lifetime.It was as though his love was that love I have waited for, for so long. That one true love I wished existed.

Now, almost eight months later, he received an email again from Anaheim. Could it be that the Lord just wanted us to meet before he starts working abroad. I do not wish to stop him from leaving. I do not want to chain him and keep him away from his dreams because from the moment I have fallen in love with him, his dreams also became mine. I just want him to be happy. I know and believe that the Lord led us to one another and that our love will be able to endure distance and time. True love transcends distance and time, right? I pray that the Lord lead him to where he should go. I trust that once again, what the Lord gives us is good.

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