Saturday, October 15, 2005

Lay Bare Your Heart for My Wall

Gabby Barredo's Exhibit Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

Gabriel Barredo launched his art exhibit yesterday at the Ayala Museum. ***'s family was invited because Gabby is a family friend. *** then asked me to tag along. It was a different kind of experience. The art pieces there were spectacular. They conjured thoughts in our playful minds. The pieces were mainly made from metal scrap... Though if you really do not look hard enough, they are not scrap at all... Most pieces were of the human body. I cannot upload the pictures now but perhaps in my next post I can show you some of the pieces. There were some pieces that were mechanical which I think appealed to the engineer in ***. He was asking questions like, how does this piece work, how do the gears make it work, where is the power coming from. I was for a moment afraid he might take them apart hehe... I can imagine my father doing the very same thing.

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It was a good learning experience for me. It somehow cleared my mind for a while, the music produced by some of the mechanical pieces played in my ear and soothed my thoughts... for a while at least. Yesterday night, Gabriel Barredo bore his mind, soul and heart to his guests. Some people took the time to understand them, some just passed them by, some disregarded the pieces of confession of thoughts and ideals as another artwork but in the end, it does not matter what other people think. He crafted with his hands his dreams, emotions, feelings and frustrations and to be able to do that, for me, is an accomplishment and a reward on its own. The joy,I wonder, to be able to touch your feelings, to literally hang your dreams on a wall and to melt and mold your frustrations, must be immensely immeasurable.

Yesterday night was also another opportunity to be with his family. His family is nice as I have said. I have gotten to talk to his older sister. His father is rather quiet but he is nice. His younger sister seems to be nice also but we have not gotten to talk much yet. We had dinner at Big Buddha. After which, *** drove me home.

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