Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Trimming of the Shrew

There goes another inch.

How long has it been? More than eight months! Last time I was on this chair, I did not know what were ahead of me. I did not know there were big surprises in store for me.

They say people cut their hair because their hearts are broken or because they want to forget.

I cut my hair because it was Chinese New Year, because I wanted a new beginning. And that was what I got precisely. A new beginning to a new story. The chapters have been good to me. Thank you Lord.

Today I got my haircut again, no longer seeking a new beginning. I wanted my hair to look as before. I want the way things are and I do not want them to change. I know change is inevitable but holding on and hoping things will stay the way they are can be too.

Looking in the mirror, I know I have changed. I am happy now. My face may have more lines, my eyes may have darker circles or my forehead seems higher but my eyes dance with glee for the Lord has blessed me.

Several times in the past, I have been trimmed, blown dry, trimmed again, and again and again... Every now and then I still have to be heated enough to force me to yield but that is His hand working, styling me into perfection.

Snip... Snip...

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