Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Lord Of War

The conscience is a good man's gift and an evil man's curse.

It rewards you with peace if you know you do what is right.

It torments you on end if you know what you do is wrong.

The conscience can haunt you, even the Lord of War.
You never go to war against yourself because it's a war you'll never win.-Yuri Oslov

Because that is your conscience built against the rock solid foundation for morality and values. Your superego.

He sold weapons, first to gangs, then to countries. Countries used his weapons against each other. In every war, he was always the sure winner.

Was he really?

He lost his wife and son, they left him after his wife found out about his deals.
He lost his parents.
He literally lost his brother.
All he ever had left in the end? His money and his weapons.

He never went to war against himself... so he never won.

I went to his bowling tournament. I got to play but I did horribly... I really must work on my bowling skills.

After which we went to Greenbelt 3 to see a movie.

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