Thursday, March 02, 2006

On the Verge

Of Dementia
I have been in recess for the longest time mainly because I have so much to do. Lately, I feel like I am suffering from a slight case of dementia due to too much stress. Juggling all my tasks has proven to be difficult.

Of Recognition
Things though are starting to look up. I mean, Pagkamulat, the organization I am a coordinator of is going to partner with the United Nations so that they can support our Computer Literacy Program. This is good news because after seven years, the program will be recognized finally.

Of Heart Break
The practicum coordinatorship has kept my hands full but so far it has done nothing but break my heart.

Of Neglection
I have been neglecting my PhD research for the tasks that I have to do. The UN-CLiP partnership has really kept me very busy. It's good that I have another week to prepare for my next report. Though I know I should read more papers with or without an upcoming presentation, I cannot because I have so much work to do.

Of Stress
As an LSCS adviser, I have an upcoming seminar that I need to conduct. Sometimes, I feel like I am too approachable to a fault. I mean, students come up to me for an activity to be signed anywhere, at any time. I hate to admit it but sometimes, even that stresses me out.

Of Exhaustion
I have a bunch of test papers to check, I also have an exam to write, a presentation and a brochure to prepare for the Emerging Technology Congress 20/20, a presentation for the S&T Congress and a bunch more. It is extremely difficult for me. I have a bunch of projects to check too... So you do the math. I am exhausted.

Of Losing Touch
I don't get to hear mass everyday anymore... Sometimes I have meetings to attend to and other things that I need to do. My lack of connection with the Lord is taking its toll too. It has also been ages since I have attended a prayer meeting... I need that right now but my car isn't at the condo so I can't. I hope I can attend one soon.

Of Sisterhood Bonding
It's great though that my relationship with my sister is quite a breeze. We get to spend a lot of quality moments together. She's fun to be with and I think she becomes better company as she gets older.

Of Dealing
My boyfriend continues to put a smile on my face. Lately though, we have not seen each other much, thanks to our busy schedule. There are times when I cannot even text him right away. It sucks but I have to deal.

Of Catching Up
Basically this is my current state... As to my previous happenings well here are the highlights.

Last, last Sunday (yes, it has been that long since I last blogged) I went to his house in Las Pinas to hear mass and videoke with him and his sisters.

Last Monday, I went to RCBC plaza to meet with people from UN. I did some shopping after. I finally got to buy a 3,000 Php pair of shoes for 1,000 Php. I have been wanting the cute pair of shoes but somehow cannot convince myself that its cuteness is worth 3K... Imagine what a treat it was when I got it for 1K! We are soh meant to be! I also got a pair of leather shoes Manolo style that I love too! They have easily become my fave black shoes. At this point, it is not very difficult to achieve that status because I have worn out all my black shoes. There are a couple of pairs that I never like to wear so there you have it. Did you know that the shoe shop I Am at Greenbelt 3 offers a 1 year warranty for their shoes?

Last Tuesday and Thursday I just had to do lots and lots and lots of work! Save for the three hour videoke session with my co-faculty members. ;)

Of Revolution
Last Friday, no classes was declared by CHED because of Feb. 24. I was fuming when GMA announced the national state of emergency. Then, rallyists were ordered not to rally anymore because they are revoking all permits. Randy David and other two men were arrested. The rallies became violent, it was scary. People got hosed down. These could have been avoided if GMA had the slightest delicadeza. Unfortunately, delicadeza does not come easy these days, especially on politicians. I hate her.

Of Aging
Last Saturday was my little err... youngest sister's birthday. She's a grown up now. I have to keep on reminding myself. We spent the day at the mall. We saw the movie Closer to You and it got us all giddy. I really enjoyed watching the film! I think Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd both performed very well.

Of Wondering
My day with my baby! We went to Greenhills Shoppesville to visit the dentist. If you are ever at Dental City look for Dr. Cabading. She'll take care of you! *plugging* After which, my baby took some pictures for his assignment in his photography workshop. We also had my fave Strawberry Ice and he had Choco Banana Ice which in my opinion did not look very tempting. He took pictures of me eating, of me wearing my bumble bee shades... I was just glad hanging out with him. I love him so much. Sometimes I'm afraid of the possibility that I might love him more than he loves me. I just love him too much it's scary. I know he loves me. There was never a time that I have doubted that. I just don't know who loves who more. I guess I am mortified because for the first time in my life I love somebody so much.

Of Rallying
That night also, a conflict ensued at Fort Bonifacio because an officer named Miranda has been rumored to be relieved from his duty. From what I heard from the radio, an officer named Mayuga says that Miranda chose to relieve himself. I doubt it though. I really believe that he was forced to give up his post. It makes my blood boil how Arroyo is treating the people of the Philippines. Yes. I am seriously contemplating joining a rally soon. Just to appease the inner voice inside me.

Of Panic
My mom asked me to withdraw some money because the machines might start running out of money. I think that happened during the EDSA revolution. My mom was in the verge of panic. I think I was also. My beau was making fun of me for panicking but can I be blamed? I brought the money back home and then we went on to continue our date.

Of Missing
I love being with him. I have missed his laughter, his smile, his gaze. I missed just leaning on his strong shoulders, or linking our arms. I miss having my hands in his. I have missed hugging him tight and being hugged back. I missed him so much. After all, I have not been with him for six days... It felt like six months though.

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