Saturday, March 04, 2006


Yesterday was very exhausting. Of course, it's a Friday, you might say but no, yesterday was extra exhausting. During my breaks, I had to dub the presentation for the preconfirmation, sign endless letters of introduction as the practicum coordinator, deliver donations at LSPO as the Pagkamulat coordinator, mimeo and collate exams as a WEBDEVE teacher, conduct consultations... believe me during my PhD class I was just pooped. My brain could not absorb a thing.

After class, I had to prepare the grading sheets to be used for the INTROSE defenses. During this activity, I was coerced to go to dinner with faculty members. I did not want ot at first, thinking of the many tasks that were ahead of me... I still have to prepare a presentation for the S&T Congress, check documents and test papers, then there's still the U.N. brochure that I have not done yet because I have to come up with a mission-vision. Just to sidetrack a bit, I cannot believe how CCS-Pagkamulat has existed for so long without a documented mission-vision. I hope I will be able to come up with a good one. Anyway, going back... I agreed to go because they said they were eating at Fish and Co. and for so long I have been wanting to eat there but somehow my boyfriend and I keep on passing up the chance because he always forget to bring his Gold Card.

We had Seafood Platter Two, The Best Fish and Chips in Town, Peri Peri Shrimps and some Calamares and Seafood Rice. The Seafood Rice is good. Not astounding but good. The Seafood Platter Two had fish that seemed to be not so fresh, the rest of the shrimps were yummmy though. I loved the grilled squid but I just didn't think it was worth what we paid for. The Calamares tasted good too but it was nothing extraordinary. If you ask me the Dampa Calamares are as good. Peri Peri Shrimps is another well recommended item. Yummy shrimps with melted cheese! The price is okay compared to Conti's. The Best Fish and Chips in Town lives up to its name and I definitely recommend this to everyone.

Anyway, by the time the Calamares arrived, I checked my phone if my boyfriend has texted me already, to discover that he called me so I called him. My phone, with perfect timing, warned me that I had low battery already. Fortunately, we were still able to talk and after much convincing he agreed to drop by. I think we ate really quickly (because we were all famished from waiting in line, we were the ninth in line to get a table when we got there) or my beau took a long time to get there. Maybe both.

I missed hanging out with them. I have not eaten with them for a long time. Then again, I rarely eat out with them really because I have so much to do most of the time. It's fun to eat out with them every once in a while.

My boyfriend got to the resto when we were almost done, with every dish all wiped out already save for a shrimp that I asked my beau to try. I felt bad because he got there a bit late already. He seemed sad. It just dawned on me, as in a few seconds from now that maybe I should have set aside a plate for him. Then again, last night, I was not even sure if he was going to change his mind or if he will really show up because he seemed hesitant over the phone. I was soh guilty. At the same time, it was weird seeing my boyfriend just quiet and distant. It was like he was regretting ever going there. We got to use his gold card, he finally remembered to bring it. We got 20% off... big enough don't you think?

After I walked my friends out the resto and bid our goodbyes my beau and I walked back into the resto so he can eat. He had the Best Fish and Chips in Town and he liked it.

Sometimes I feel like there's a trench between us that we cannot fill. I feel like he wants to tell me something but can't and I am just not good at guessing. I wish I were wrong but sometimes I just could not help but worry. I don't know if I'm just reading too much for fear of neglecting to read in between the lines.

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