Friday, February 24, 2006

Kingdom Anime-lia

Last Saturday, I drove my sister to UST and became her "julalay" (as one of the organizers of the Tomasinotaku cosplay coined the companions of the cosplayers). I was an all around driver, yaya, P.A., as much as I hate to admit it... to put it simply, a julalay.

We were set out to bake in the sun as we waited for the cosplayers only to find out that the cosplayers were sent to a death march. Under the midnoon sun, they were asked to parade around UST, wearing their leatherette costumes and colorful wigs and heavy make-up portraying the anime characters they so loved as they marched. I admired their immense dedication. They did this without complaining. While our brains got fried both from the glaring sun and the host basking in the coerced attantion we give him.

The event was poorly organized. They did not know how to handle the big number of cosplayers and the participants as well. Some of the organizers from Hero TV were very rude to the cosplayers. The contests were poorly organized particularly the Fan Art contest.

The event started at 9am for us and ended at half past seven. The bands were not good enough for my sister and so we left.

I am very impressed with the founder of Tomasinotaku as he demonstrated leadership by example. He was very visible throughout the event and he also cleaned the area himself. I marveled at the structures that they have there. The comfort rooms wreaked but the gazebos and the comfortable and cozy surroundings made up for it.

I was very exhausted but I was happy that my sister had fun. In spite my immense exhaustion and lack of sleep, I agreed to meet up with my beau who was also very tired since he was coming from Calamba, Laguna. We had my already favorite... Ice Monster... I love their Strawberry Ice and hung out. We saw the band and took some pictures of random objects and faces.

We were also together the night before. We saw Brokeback Mountain... forgive me... but I did not find it interesting. Apparently I was not the only one... the couple in front of us were making out with a capital M... Maniacal... and a capital A... animalistic... I did not know people really did that in cinemas! They did not finish the film. I cannot say the same for the couple beside us who were lovingly stroking one another... oh I forgot to mention... they're both anatomically, males. 70% of the people who watched belonged to the third sex.

So there... My back is hurting really bad so I think I will end this first. I don't know what is up with my body... Am stressed... why? I will reveal in a few more blogs.

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