Tuesday, March 07, 2006

When Storms Set In

Dark clouds set in earlier that day, threatening all those beneath it. The cool breeze that was there a few months ago has disappeared. Instead it was replaced by the dry, humid air. Breathing was difficult and movement was not easy.

A ray peeked behind the gloomy cloud but only for a moment in which seemed like eternity. Hope shone through inspite its brevity and for the desperate, hope is all it takes to endure all pain, to ignore the harshness of reality.

Alas, time has raced the sun to finish and now the night is near. Still the faithful waited with much excitement but no warmth touched a surface. Instead, what came after shattered all hopes, a violent tempest was in the horizon. The winds howled, lightning stabbed the dark sky and thunder growled hungrily, devouring whatever hope that was left in the hearts of those who wait. The sun was gone and perhaps for good reason but reason is not for those devastated. Devastation does not yield easily, it stays inspite consolation, inspite explanation.

Once the violent storm calms and the gloomy sky brightens, it paints a rainbow across the sky. Again, hope begins anew and the warmth of the sun caresses all wounds. After all wounds are healed, after a glance on the rainbow above, those beneath are reminded of the many months of blossoms, flowing water and chirping birds and how all these are worth more than the pain of one cold, stormy night.

Though the sun may at times, not warm my face when I most anticipate it, I still look up and hope with all my heart that it will, every single day of my life, because I have faith in those times the sun shone on my face when I most needed it to.


Kiko said...

Ano yan?? Dark clouds?? Violent storms?? Not me.. =)

I saw sunshine in the evening (although not my type of sunshine, sunshine pa rin hehe) nung saturday last week.

Twice =D

Naglalakad sa Greenbelt. =P

dRaMaQuEeN said...

You have asome explaining to do... Who is that sunshine? Not your type of sunshine but sunshine nonetheless... Was that an insult? What do I make out of this?