Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Subic Sabik

Last Friday was the longest day and shortest night of my life. Allow me to expound.

I could not wait for the day to be over becasue I was going to watch my boyfriend play basketball and at 4:00a.m. the following morning, he was to pick me up to go to Headstrong to ride the bus going to Subic for their company summer outing! After my PhD class, I went home to just eat and then headed straight for the gym where they play. I got lucky again because I got to see part of the second quarter again.

I saw my baby shoot three points again! He is a great player and there are some in his team who are okay too it's just that I think they lack teamwork. I don't know. I am not a player nor am I a big fan of basketball but I think there is something amiss in their team.

After the game, it was already about half past ten then, we headed for Blue Wave to have a fix of Ice Monster. It was great that there was a live band there. I had fun watching them play. I got home at around twelve already and he got home even later. We only had enough time to pack and catch a few winks. He planned not to sleep that night so he was sure he can wake up early next morn... He planned. But not all plans materialize and such was the fate of his plan.

He woke up past four and so while I hurriedly took a bath, he hurriedly drove to Taft to pick me up. It felt like we were in one of the episodes of Amazing Race! We made it one time and got seats next to each other in the bus. I was able to catch some winks while in the bus. I could not help but feel sorry for him because he had really long legs and hte space in the bus was not for people who were more than 5'2"!

A lot of my students were in the outing. I knew this was so when even before I got seated, there were those who started shouting... "Hi miss!". It was nice to see them again!

When we got to Subic, I was just soh excited. I got to use my baby's Aviator gift! I just love them! We got settled in the cottage that we were to share with other people and then we started hunting for chips that can be exchanged for prices. I went diving for chips... the pool as always got me excited. I changed into my swimsuit... splashed some sun block and was well on my way to my diving pursuit... ala Lara Croft in one of those Tomb Raider training mode haha!

I saw one of my former students after my diving challenge. She is a student turned really good friend. Who said students and teachers can never be friends? I love hanging out with this student of mine. She's more like a barkada to me than a former student really. I was glad to see my boyfriend and my friend click.

I got to meet my boyfriend's officemate and I think he clicked with my friend too because most of the time they were together. They even sat side by side on the way back to Manila.

The outing was fun there was good food, a Bohemian party where I got to wear my skirt, swimming and bowling where I got to score my first 90! I also got to play billiards with my all around athlete for a boyfriend. He also happens to be good at darts scoring triple bullseye... He is quite a freak I tell you... It's good that I can swim, at least that's where I am better than him at. We also sang our hearts out with the videoke machine! of course, lots and lots of pictures were taken.

My father sent me his gift to me already, a Canon IXUS 750. I got to take some photos... I'm still practicing. Hopefully, I'll get my very own serious Canon 20D haha :)

I also had a slight mishap when the sandals of my Nikes gave in and I had to search for a needle and thread. Thank you baby for helping me find a needle and thread. He offered to sew for me but I assured him that I can sew. I love you!

It was an awesome weekend with my baby and my students. Below are some of the pictures.

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Club Morroco's Ceiling (not my shot) Posted by Picasa

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grace said...

hey! i had so much fun with you guys, hope to see you again soon.

it's hard not to click with your boyfriends since he's really nice. there's nothing negative i can say about him. i'm happy for you noh!:)

dRaMaQuEeN said...

We all had fun 'coz you were with us hehe!!! Hope we can do it again! Practice ka na magvideoke!!! Badminton tayo you want? Kaso di ako magaling hehe... super bano! :)

dRaMaQuEeN said...

Ako din happy for me haha! :) Yup! I think I finally found the one person for me. We really should do it again hehe... bring along your "new found friend"! Videoke ka na next time ha? Or badminton? Take your pick!

grace said...

hay naku... yung videoke voice ko si pinky lang ang tumatagal hehe...

anyway, sige game ako sa badminton but i haven't played in like two years so im not sure kung gano ko kagaling hehe. but if ever we play, can you lend me a racket if you have a spare one since i don't have a decent one... hehe :)

dRaMaQuEeN said...

I don't have a racket either and my game is pretty lousy too... Maybe you'd like to play tennis instead... I am practically ignorant in either badminton or tennis anyway. My boyfriend told me he can show me how to play... Maybe we can play tennis one of these days instead of badminton. :)

grace said...

Sure! Just tell me when, i'm always free naman eh especially now that my tennis buddy (pinky) is in shanghai.

Anyways, maybe we can play mixed doubles if Vince is coming and maybe he can invite Carlo along to partner me since hindi naman ako ganun kagaling para kalabanin kayong dalawa. :p

dRaMaQuEeN said...

har har!!! di nga ako marunong e! I think Vince can invite him unless Carlo invites you first ;). :D Tatayo na lang ako sa court haha Vince can take care of the rest.