Monday, March 13, 2006

Birthday Blog

I had my 26th birthday last Saturday! An alumnus of CCS sent me a message via Friendster, greeting me Happy Birthday and that though I am already 24 I do not look it. Okay, that sounded like a Pond's commercial but it did happen. I am saving that message in my inbox forever.

I hosted the event but before I did, my special someone called me first. He woke up really early that morning (which is very unlike him) to greet me a very, happy birthday. And it was. I finished my hosting job. After which I waited for my beloved brother to come home from the airport. I was glad to see him again. I missed him! He looks so cute right now, his skin loves Hong Kong!

He gave me an adorably, cute gift. Kind of reminds me of him because it has a really round face and a big smile. It's a solar powered Odoru! It moves sideways whenever there is light! We already played with it in the faculty room. He knew exactly what I would have wanted. Had I seen this in a store, I would have really asked him to buy me this! He is my brother! It now sits on my desk, dancing from side to side on end.

Odoru Posted by Picasa

I had a dinner date with my boyfriend. I straightened my hair and he loved it, especially when it was curling at the ends already. Unfortunately, we forgot to take pictures. I know! I can't believe it either, we, of all people, forgot to take pictures! Well, we can always use our memories to relish what was last Saturday.

In the car, he gave me his birthday card. I love it when he gives me cards! After which he brought out a nicely wrapped gift, which I was not able to photograph... darn!!! He covered my eyes as I unwrapped it. After I opened the box, I touched what was inside and already, I knew what it was... A pair of Ray-Ban aviator shades!!! I have been wanting a pair for umm... quite some time now! Thanks baby!!!

We saw Casanova and it was great! It's not sappy at all! It had a Shakespeare flavor. No! They did not use old English but the plot had a touch of Shakespeare.

After the movie, we walked to Outback only to find out that Outback was closed so we decided on Bubba Gump's instead. Which was still a good choice. The birthday song was embarassing. It was the first time a group of people sang to my face. As in to my face because they made me stand in front of them!

Before the movie, we had time to go window shopping too! He made me try out more Ray-Ban shades. I tried another pair of Aviators and he said it looked better on me and I could see they did. We both decided that we were going to have it exchanged the next day.

I love looking around with him!!! He seems to never get bored and he shows interest in the things I appreciate and like. He's a boyfriend and a shopping partner and soh many other thing rolled into one.

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