Monday, March 13, 2006

Bitch In Business

Last Wednesday, my class finished at 4:40pm. I was exhausted but I had a meeting in Makati so without reapplying my lipstick, or even checking myself in the mirror I waited for a cab. The first empty cab stopped before me but refused to lend me his service because there was a Women's Day Rally at Ayala. The next cab driver was nice enough to drive me to Ayala. With the instructions given to me by my boyfriend, I found the Corporate Center with no hassle.

I was on time. I met the woman who sent me an email expressing her interest to hire students. It is our requirement for companies to fill up Project Details forms to make sure students are deployed to companies that will allow them to work. They could not fill up the form, I was informed by the woman who emailed me and so I decided to talk to them. They asked me to go to their office to discuss. So inspite my exhausting day, I went there and for what?

I was led to an office that seemed to be their conference room. Their office was a quarter of a floor. Maybe it was an eigth of the floor. The woman then tells me that they want to take students but they do not have external projects. I could not digest it at first... She wanted me to go all the way to Makati while a rally is going on to tell me this? She could not just send me an e-mail? Then she called for her team lead who I think, to date is a bitch personified. If your company does not have external projects, do not get trainees. If your company does not have clients do not cover it up by pretending that you do by putting other people down. I was disgusted. At that moment, I was relieved I am in the academe and that I do not have to deal with sleazy people like her.

I was fuming as I walked to PBCom where my boyfriend worked. It was quite a treat to see him. We had dinner at Fish & Co. again, the place is easily becoming our favorite. Though Bubba Gump's still holds a dear place in my stomach :), their Fish and Chips is really good. It was just a treat being with my beau. The best part of the night? When we were stuck in traffic going to Greenbelt (my fault) I got go hug him tight. We also got to laugh a lot and it was just nice having fun with him even when there was traffic!

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