Monday, March 13, 2006

Trust His Heart

Panic is never good.

The sudden realization that you are so far out into the open sea where the ocean floor is fathoms away can cause rapid palpitations. You gasp for air but the giant waves will unceasingly crash into your already sunburnt face and With little sips of the salty water you can feel your body dehydrate. Frantically, you swim away from you do not know where to swim to another spot that is remotely known to you. You let every muscle in your body exert all the effort that you have, propelling you to move. It does not matter that you are really just going to where the waves take you, you swim nonetheless with all your might, tiring yourself unnecessarily, exhausting yourself until you are on the verge of muscle fatigue and cramps.

Panic is never good.

Doubt causes panic and so it is not good either.

Today, I will take things slowly. I will let the waves of His great plan take me to where I should go. My incessant strokes are just exhausting me when in fact His waves are far stronger than my strokes and His waves will take me far faster than I ever could take myself to the destination unknown to me. I should stop going against the strong current because there simply is no point. He will take care of me and so once again, I will be swept away with the hope of being washed onto the shores of the oasis of His love.

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