Thursday, January 20, 2011


I just printed the latest version of my chapter one and forwarded it to my adviser here in the Philippines and my adviser in Japan. I hope it gets good reviews. I am seriously tired of reading the crap I have written over and over... I really tried to get as many papers related to my work. I am yet to finish writing my chapter two but that is easier to write especially since I have created my table already.

I have to prepare for a presentation in my special class for next week because I will be the one to hold the class. I have two masteral students who needed this subject and while I really did not want serious academic load this term, I think this class would help me as well. I am teaching advanced machine learning this trimester and I need semi-supervised learning as well for my dissertation so this will be hitting two birds with one stone. If only it did not have to eat up my time as well. I have to be creative in managing my time.

Quitting FB is one of the best decisions I have made this month. I really got to do more work. I also got more rest. If there is an addiction in my body still left, that will be watching series. I still like watching How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, Lie To Me, House and just recently Cougar Town. I know, this is three and a half hours of my week. On February, Glee will be back so that is another half an hour added to this so that's four hours of my week. That is half a day's worth of work. :) Oh well... Small steps. :)

I have to go now and get some sleep. I also told myself I am going to try to get at least seven hours of sleep everyday. Last night was a success. Tonight I am not so sure.

Oh and yeah, I got to run again last Wednesday! After not being able to run for a lohoong time! :) I am back in the same cooped up environment but I do not mind for now.

I would still rather run outside but because I have not much choice, indoors will have to do. At least I get to listen to an audiobook.

Still listening to Nietzsche. I do not agree with him but I want to know what he said and why he said them. I will be able to finish tomorrow morning if I do get to run. After that, I have to find another book that I can listen to as I run in the morning. Otherwise, running would be uberboring.

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