Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Is the word to describe me... err... lethargic rather. I have been living a lazy life for the past two days. I have been sleeping and sleeping getting less work done much to my annoyance and ahem... enjoyment (?). Sleeping is good. They say we should all get a good seven at least.


I will try to get my good seven tonight but I doubt that I will get it tonight because I woke up late today and I am still at the University writing parts of my dissertation proposal. I need to wake up early tomorrow so that finally I can run! I have not run in days and it is very disappointing for me.

I also want to finish my dissertation proposal this month. I plan to finish chapter one this week and chapter two next week. I am doing chapter two in parallel with one. I hope I can pull this off. I am just polishing my chapter one so it should be able to work.

I have to go home now if I am to really get that seven hours. I always wake up at around five-ish so fat chance I will get that. Maybe I should just aim for six and work my way from there. :)

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