Friday, January 21, 2011

Black Swan

I am restless today and itching to go and watch a movie but nothing nice is on.

Yesterday, I thought there were a lot of good movies showing but after watching the reviews and looking at the trailers, I have decided not to waste my time.

I wanted to watch Little Fockers but after seeing the trailer, I just decided not to. If the trailer is not that funny, it is probably not a funny movie.

I also wanted to see The Tourist because Jolie just looks uber hawt in that movie! I like Depp too. I mean, I love him in his most eccentric roles but Jolie comes first in my heart. The reviews however, dissuaded me to watch this.

Since I was watching trailers anyway (Read: wasting time), I have decided to see the trailer of Black Swan because Portman fell in love with Millepied while training for this film and also (yes this comes second), she won a Golden Globe for her performance. I saw the trailer and immediately wanted, nay, obsessed about watching the movie!!!

I want to see this movie!


It is not going to be shown until February 23. *darn!* Even then, I might not be able to catch it at a movie theater (and might not want to even) because the erotic scenes might be cut out and I do not want to see the neutered version.

I am going back to work.

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