Saturday, January 15, 2011

Not a Pan

Since I got back from my Europe trip in 2010, I have been craving for chocolate croissant. I have been getting my supply from Delifrance and French Baker. Delifrance's chocolate croissant has more chocolate but it is more oily. French Baker has less chocolate but it is not that oily. I am not sure if that means less butter. I am not a connoisseur after all. :) I just love chocolate croissant. I am a pan au chocolat enthusiast. :)

I have been trying to find Alexandre a French guy-owned patisserie at the Fort but I have not been able to find it. It is at the corner of 32nd and 2nd Street if you want to visit it. I finally got to visit the new shop at MegaMall's Atrium. It is a chic place BUT their chocolate croissant is super fail! I was soh disappointed. I could already tell when I first saw it. But, when I tried it... I was even more disappointed. I am not sure how the owner calls it croissant and sleep at night. The croissant is the most bastardized version I have ever tried. Far worse than the one I tried at a cafe in Hong Kong. I cannot blame the HK cafe, they are not supposed to be experts. But a French cafe?! Really...

I got to try the classic cheesecake with raisins and while this cake is better than the chocolate croissant it is not enough to redeem the cafe. We also got the Lemon Tart because it resembled the cheese cake my mom used to make and it tasted nothing like what my mom used to make. Our fault. The lady did say it's not cheese cake but the crust we thought, was made of tea biscuit. We were wrong. The pizza though, ironically was really good. It is the only redeeming thing this cafe has to offer.

The hot chocolate I ordered is supposed to be a specialty of the shop but it's nothing better than the ones Starbucks has.

All in all, Alixandre was a disappointment, I am soh not a pan(sic).

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