Sunday, January 09, 2011

Riding on Faith

After many days of having to run within a cooped environment, I was able to run out into the open again yesterday morning. It felt great to feel the cool wind against my face. I must have looked like an idiot running while smiling. It felt great!

I also had a nice breakfast. Something I no longer do for a long time now. I usually just rest or get to work after running.

Thank You because it was really a beautiful morning for me yesterday.

In the afternoon, I was able to finally finish reading a paper that I needed to finish reading but I have more papers that I still need to read so I should really be working now to finish a report and then I will be back to reading more papers. :)

In the evening, I cried. While I was listening to gospel music I used to sing along to in the car way back in college. I cried because I realized that I have no control over what will happen next. Everything is now up to You. I am at Your mercy and I just have to hold on to Your promise. I cried because I surrender everything to Your Will. I have done all that I can and now everything is up to You. You know the desires of my heart. You are the only One who really knows me.

On a lighter note, I dreamt last night that I was with my college friends and some colleagues. I have decided to ride a really old cheap bike. I was having such a difficult time pedaling but I had fun nonetheless. I do not know what that dream means though... :) I think I dreamt about this because I saw a boy last night who rode his bike so carelessly, I was afraid he would get run over or fall.

I guess at the end of the day, I am also like that little boy who rides his bike so carelessly. I can do so because I know that no harm will come upon me because You are with me always.

Thank You.

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