Friday, January 21, 2011

In Awe, Creeped Out

I am still waiting for comments on my document.

In the meantime, had a mini vacation today because I did not work on my document *thwaps self*. Instead, I had a PhD class as I surfed and learned about Natalie Portman and learned about the Intellitar of VirtualEternity. I also had a meeting regarding an upcoming show which ought to be fun because there are a lot of us partiicpating! :) The thing I enjoyed the most, and well served as choco sprinkles all week are conversations I had on the side. *big grin* Cheapest but one of the most enjoyable vacays ever!

Natalie Portman is pregnant right now and is engaged to Benjamin Millepied, a ballet dancer. I find her one of the most beautiful and smartest in Hollywood. She is a Harvard Psychology graduate for crying out loud! She also took graduate courses in Israel! If that is not enough, she has an Erdos number!!! Kewlness!!! :) Oh and yeah, she has published a research on infant psychology she co-authored with other Harvard researchers. You can look it up if you look for her real name, Natalie Hershlag. I am in awe. :)

I also learned about VirtualEternity. It is a company that will try to immortalize you by creating an avatar that looks and sounds like you. It will ask you for your life story and from that narrative, your relatives may be able to have conversations with you. Voice synthesis still needs work but if they perfect that... wow... it is super creepy! It can become mainstream someday though... Given that it is hard for all of us to let go of loved ones. I am creeped out! :)

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