Thursday, January 13, 2011


Wow! I have a new follower in this blog! *woot!* *haha!* I am soh pathetic! Anyway, no declamation pieces yet because I am busy with my dissertation. :)

I am happy Cougar Town is such a new series because I was able to finish all episodes in a very short time. More than the fact that it is new, I am happy because the episodes are only twenty minutes each. *whew!*

I was able to find a research similar to mine. This justifies that my area is valid but this means too that I need to work really fast and I have to justify the novelty of my work. I hate this sadomasochistic activity that is review of related literature. I still get crushed every time.

My FB abstinence is still on and no withdrawals yet on my part. I guess this is my good trait. It is easy for me to quit on stuff. The way I just decided to one day quit carbonated drinks and have not taken any intentionally for more than a decade now... fourteen years now to be exact. I can also easily quit people which has worked to my advantage and otherwise.

I was able to find a nice work paradise here at Shalom because my cube is just way too cold for me to be productive there. I will go back there though after class most probably because I think Shalom closes at five. I plan to do these excursion work sessions because I find that I am more able to concentrate at other venues such as but not limited to coffee shops, yogurt shops and library. I really hope to finish and nail this dissertation. I really do. The more I read, the more I am hooked. The more I want this. :)

Oh please give it to me. :) I receive it dear Lord. :)

Thank You for another beautiful morning! It is exactly the type of morning that is meant to be shared. Got to run again, this time following a different route.

Thank You Lord for sending me people who have my back. I really appreciate those who look after me in little way and in grand ways. Thank You. I recognize them as Your gifts. I hope I do the same for them.

I have to run to class now! :)

*happy happy joy joy!!! *

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