Sunday, January 16, 2011

JapaNice Food

I know my posts have been about food since yesterday but I have been eating a whole lot. *sheepish grin*

Tonight we ate at Tanabe at Remedios Circle in Malate. This is my second time there and while I find the ambience Japanese and there were a lot of Japanese people there too, the food was not really as Japanese. I did not find the Oyakudon very impressive. I have had a Tempura Udon in the past, it was a decent Tempura Udon but it was not spectacular. I think what is stellar is their California Maki, which ironically, is not really Japanese as the name suggests. If you go to Japan, you will not be able to order this. I love their service though and I like it that they always give you sweet and salty fried fish and cold noodle soup as appetizer. :)

I still prefer Nemoto, a Japanese restaurant along Buendia corner Taft. It is really very Japanese. While eating you may also browse through manga and ahem... adult magazines. The only downside is that the Japanese smoke in the restaurant and they do not have a special non-smoking place. Their food is really good though and the price is more reasonable than Tanabe's. I always order the same thing... Udon. :) I like my Udon. My friends tend to order bento boxes but I find the bento box a tad bit too big and I still find the Udon very satisfying. I think I have only tried the bento box once.

I have also tried a Yakiniku restaurant at Little Tokyo, I did not get the name but it is way too expensive in that place but the food there is super yummy. One of my colleagues promised me we will visit one of the eat-all-you-can Yakinikus in Manila in the near future. I cannot wait! I like hanging out with my friends... I get to eat from different places!

Speaking of eat-all-you-can, I think Zensho really is the best deal around for eat-all-you-can. I love their tepanyaki! :) Just thinking of it makes my mouth water... *yuhummy*

Ajisen at Robinson's Manila is another Japanese restaurant but I do no think their Udon is any better than Nemoto's. I like their Corn Salad with Fish Roe though. Yum. I love fish roe *fishies please forgive me but I really love it when they pop in my mouth*. I always have Tempura Udon there as well. :)

Recently, I was also able to try Konbini at Connecticut St., Greenhills, San Juan. I was not impressed with their Ramen. Their gyoza was alright but it was not very impressive either. The cute thing about this place is that they have grocery stuff from Japan and the price is pretty much like Japan's. I wish they would also have Shiseido stuff. I like their lip balm and they only have it in Japan. :( They also sell fruits from Japan, except they are just too darn expensive!!! *sigh* I wanted the giant strawberries...

Yoshinoya, while very few people like the food here is actually comparable to the Yoshinoya food from Japan. I ate at Yoshinoya from Osaka twice and the food is almost like the ones they offer here in the Philippines so it's not so bad. If you want to enjoy reasonably priced Jap fast food, I say go for Yoshinoya. No. There is no Tokyo Tokyo in Japan. :)

All this talk about food has made me feel more full than I already am. I really have to run tomorrow!

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