Monday, January 31, 2011

Straight or Gay

I am writing this post via iTouch so it is bound to be garnished with typos.

I had a hair cut today. I loved how they straightened my hair. I really looked nice. I was admiring myself all day like the real vain person that I am. *hahahha* Soh many people paid me compliments! Students, staff, faculty members, guards name it!!! I enjoyed the attention and this made me want straight hair even more. I considered this actually but they said I could not swim in the pool or in the beach. Right then and there I knew The decision was a no-brainer. I choose swimmng over vanity any day. Well... After everyone thought I looked purrty in my straight hair I began to question myself haha!!! And then my friend told me about the aquathlon at Ateneo! I am soh joining that!!! :) *prances about* Forget the straight, shiny beautiful hair! And then more people oohed and aahed and I was confused again haha!!!

But. Today I realized there are people who love me just the way I am. :) While I am now questioning their judgement * hehe*, I am extremely honored to have people like them in my life because their love transcends my imperfections. They love me inspite and despite of who I am. In weird cases even FOR my imperfections. Weird I know but I guess this is a miracle that the Lord gives me everyday.

This is on top of the kind of love He gives me, no ifs, no buts, just plain unadulterated love.

Thank You Lord for blessing me with so much even though I am ungrateful for most parts.

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