Monday, January 10, 2011

Surprises and Shockers

I had another beautiful morning. Now if only I can do something with excavation of pimples growing on my face my mornings would be nothing short of wonderful.

Once more, breakfast was perfect and well, I had a nice sweet afternoon snack too *yehey!*. I really love it when surprises come your way when you least expect it.

I do not like it too when shockers just come up to you and threatens all the beauty of a happy trimester. I hope I will not be forced to teach something that I am not prepared to teach on the trimester that I have dubbed as a happy term. Please. Please. Please.

Still, tonight I rest with a smile on my face because I have so many friends who are trying their best to keep my term happy. :)

Thank You for all the blessings!

Speaking of shockers, I have decided to deactivate my FB account today so that I may be able to focus more on my dissertation proposal. I really need to propose this term. I must. I must. I must. :) I have to create soft deadlines for mois tomorrow.

Oh and yeah, I got to run again today *yay!*!

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