Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Enveloped Gifts

Yesterday, I went back to work and I got my evaluation from last trimester. I was very happy because I got comments! :) Some students do not take time to write comments anymore because they really do not have to but I received many pages worth of comments both in the academic and nonacademic courses that I handle.

They were really good late Christmas presents. I am glad that my students appreciate what I do for them. I am truly a fortunate person to have such a great job.

What is even better is that this term, I do not have academic courses to handle! I just need to attend to three sections of nonacademic courses, the content of which I know by heart so that I can focus on my research *yahoo!!!*. I can smell best trimester ever! :)

I hope that I will make this trimester a truly productive one. So far so good. I think my Chapter one has taken shape, I am just adding a few more details and I think it is good to go. I am constantly at work with Chapter two though.

Here's to moving forward!!! :)


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