Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Perky Perk!

I am very happy because today is the last day of one of my classes. This is a nonacademic class that to me means, spa teaching *hehe!* because I get relaxed when I teach these courses. Just pure unadulterated good feeling.

Academic subjects while mentally stimulating can also cause deep emotional stress, particularly the academic subject I handle this term. I worry about my students a lot. I will talk about this some other time though. :)

Going back, I asked the students to write an integrative essay and I found out that they appreciated the Community Project that I have asked them to come up with. They felt empowered and they now know that they can do so much to make a difference. Of course it helped that Efren Penaflorida won the CNN Hero of the Year Award. I got to vote for him! *yehey!* Some of my students voted as well!

The best perk of teaching is knowing that I not only get to teach minds but I get to touch hearts and hopefully in the long run, transform lives. That and I get to sleep as long as I want and do whatever I want on the side *hahaha!*. Thank You Lord for this gift. :)

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