Thursday, December 17, 2009

Another Desperate Moment

I am crying like a crazy woman over a Desperate Housewives episode... again!!! *haha* *sob sob*

There is this episode where Lynette was judged because she was emasculating Tom her husband. She was telling Tom how upset she was that she was said to be "cracking his walnuts" *hehe!*. Tom said, "Don't mind them, we both know we are fine.". Later, Tom went to the porch of the old man who judged Lynette and he said, "What you do not know about Lynette is that she grew up without her dad and her mom was an alcoholic. She was the one in charge and in control. Because of this she has the need to be always in control because she is afraid things would fall apart. She cannot control everything but she can control me if I let her. So I let her because that makes her feel safe. Lynette is my job. I need to make her feel safe. ".


I love the writers of Desperate Housewives, the just know how to make my tears fall.


Now, I have to get to work well... not really... I have to get to a party in a few minutes so I better get dressed. Another episode might be another hour of my time and I cannot afford that right now.

Yesterday, I was at one of the branches of Shiseido and accidentally *duh!* left my M&S paper bag there that had the gift for our dear secretary. I was really not sure if I left it there but when I got home I rang them and they really do have it. I am going to claim the gift tonight and thank that woman behind the counter. She is soh nice for telling me the package is there. I love their service. Note to self... will buy all Shiseido stuff from there... I might get my mom sunblock from there too.

Now my head hurts from crying...


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