Monday, December 28, 2009

iTouch Blog


Finally an app that works with my blog! Now lazy me can just blog away on my iTouch!!! *woot* I think this is one of the best apps there is... nifty!!! Of course That is a biased opinion so do not listen to me. Allow me to apologize in advance for typos, I have stubby fingers :).

I accompanied my sister to Greenhills after meeting up with cousin and niece at SM North who are staying in Novaliches. Found out iTouch 3rd Gen is 1,700 Php more than my 2nd Gen! I shoild have waited for that but then again am having a blast with my current iTouch already, who needs the camera... I do. I can be such a cam w@$&3 sometimes... Photobooth on my MacbookPro should be enough thwaps self! But there are a lot of apps that are available on the net... OMG Gollum moment... Pardon. *sheepish grin*

Last night I felt sad. I mean really sad like depressed sad it was really not good. Thank goodness today is a better day and am no longer sad. I am waiting for better days, for when the sun will shine brightly again, for when my rainbow will appear again. Gloom has been around for such a long time already. I think I am ready for the new day the rainbow promises.

On the brighter side of things, my paper got accepted at a conference and so I will be leaving early next year *woot!*. I really do

need this! I need time away from many things. I will be submitting another paper to a local conference too so I guess there are trips in the early onset of 2010. I am liking 2010 already :).

Thank You Lord!

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