Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Just Another Day

I like it that we no longer have to give out grades on course cards. It saves me time and voice. It also makes it less stressful for me as I need not see all the students all at once. I just have to deal with those who really need me to answer their questions about their grades.

This morning a student of mine was asking me to give him a .325 since it was Christmas and all. I hate being asked to play god because I am not a god. I do not know where I can get the score from. .325 is a whole lot of points and my students had to work for that. I told him this and it was just not sinking in. I do not give them grades, I merely compute their grades. I was glad that most students embraced this and understood this.

Upon checking my records I found out that this kid consistently had low scores in his written exams. I checked his written exam scores and I noticed that he has difficulty writing programs. This is the objective of the course and based on the written assessment he was unable to complete this objective. The wise voice told me to allow him to program something. I asked him to program Bubble Sort, something I discussed in class and it also appeared on their finals.

He was not able to do it.

After this, he accepted his grade wholeheartedly.

I thank that voice that told me to have him program because it saved me from emotional anguish and I think it helped the kid accept his grade too.

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