Monday, December 14, 2009

Cast Away

I feel like I am a drifter right now, aimlessly swimming in an ocean not knowing where to go or where the waves will take me. I sort of wonder every now and then if being shackled at the bottom of the ocean was better. Sure, I was drowning slowly, but at least I knew where I was. Now I don't know. At all. Where am I? Where is the current going to take me? Will there be a shore that I can finally land?

I stare now in the heavens, in all its wonderful order, it stares at me back. Amidst all of these clashing noisy waves, I see serenity in the dark velvet sky studded with stars of hope. While everything seems to keep on moving there is the Northern Star that will remain constant. It will guide my wandering bark, my vagabond vessel to where I should go, for now I just have to trust and let the waves carry me to where I should go. Hopefully, the waves are enough to wash me of my skepticism and cynicism so that when I land, I am ready to start anew.

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