Thursday, December 10, 2009

Don't Die on Me Sim

My sim is dead. No not the game Sims' Sim. My SIM card is dead. I hope it comes back to life soon otherwise, I have to get a new effing number!!! Arrgh!!!

I feel really sad because I feel disconnected. Yes, even with FB, YM and Skype, I feel horribly disconnected without my phone. *sigh* It's not even that I text a whole lot, it is just knowing that I have a phone and I cannot use it anytime I want makes me sad. Today of all days, people were looking for me and they could not contact me because my SIM decided to die on me last night. Aaargh...

Okay enough ranting. On the brighter side of things, I have had a restful day. This is a good preamble to the hectic days that will come very soon like uhm... tomorrow. I have to visit a company tomorrow to talk about the practicum program. After which I have to pay for my insurance which by the way, I cannot do because I need to transfer funds and to do that I need the transaction number that will be sent to my phone which is not working!!! *arrghh!* Right, everything leads to me and ranting about my phone... Grrr....

I got to run today and i got to use the stationary bike longer because the guy on the treadmill just won't quit hehe... I still have adrenalin and endorphins pumping in my blood right now so the phone is not getting me all depressed as it may seem here on my post. I just like to rant all the time. :)

BTW, I got to go to a mall penniless for two days today. The first time was last December 8 because I heard mass. The schedule at our chapel was changed and so I was displaced at another chapel. Boo. Today, I got to go to the mall without money because my friends bade me to go with them and eat at the mall. I just finished my workout then and so my stuff were still in the faculty room. They just lent me money and so I got to enjoy at the mall without having to carry a bag and a wallet. *wow!* So not me but it felt liberating. :)

All for now! :)

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