Wednesday, December 16, 2009

La Tex

I have finally finished writing the paper for a conference. I have sent it to my colleagues for comment and while I know I will have to revisit it, it makes me smile knowing I have written my first paper on LaTex. It really is so much easier to take care of citations using LaTex. Taking care of my bibliography used to be my most loathed part of writing the paper... Now it's actually very manageable especially since I am also using! It makes my life so much easier. While I was already able to tweak TexMaker so that the font of my editor is bigger, I still have difficulty editing my work because I like reading my work from beginning to the last part and it annoys me to see so many "tags" on the document. I get annoyed that I compile my work so I can get the .pdf format and then when I see things I want to edit, it annoys me that I have to close the .pdf and go back to editing my "code" again. Apart from this, I have no complaint.

I had difficulty adding figures at first but a friend of mine pointed out that I should use .eps format. After I started using that things became soh much easier! Yahoo!!! I will tell my group to use the same format because they also had problems with the figures. I am yet to learn creating tables *duh!* but I will get there when the need for it arises...

Tomorrow I will focus on machine project demonstrations *gags!* . Hopefully my students will be able to do very well. I have not tabulated their Finals yet although I already have the results in my bag. I had to focus on the paper first. Oh and yeah, I have a grading sheet for the thesis that I need to take care of too...


What a long day. I am now very tired. I am hoping to wake up really early tomorrow morning for the simbang gabi...

I hope this is the year that I get to complete the simbang gabi. :)

Good night world!

Thank You Lord for the yet again very beautiful day that You have gifted me with. I am very grateful.

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