Thursday, December 10, 2009


Today, my being a humble teacher was yet again justified by my students.

It was our last meeting of the trimester and I was not at all expecting my students to show up. I started with a prayer and then after which, I started distributing their papers that I have amassed over the trimester. I have checked all of them and left my notes on them as well.

Then I started to notice that some of my students were in the hall. I was asking some of my students why their classmates were outside and then one by one my students also walked out of the room. One of them said, "Miss before you go on, we have something for you." They then surprised me with a cake and a song. One of them was playing the guitar. For the love of me, I cannot remember which song this was. All I know was that at that very moment I was really, really touched. My heart was touched by these young people who were so thoughtful.

After a while, because they looked like they were in a procession, one of them started singing "Ave Maria". This kept me from spilling my tears. I was really fighting the tears because I did not want them to see... Wow... The students came prepared with a camera and they captured the entire thing and all the other moments after that. :)

I will really miss that class. I hope and pray hard that I will be given another class as wonderful as them because they make teaching worthwhile. And no, no money in the world can take the place of the feeling that I had earlier.


The cake tastes wonderful too... Hehe it has mallows and caramel in between. Yum! My sister loved it! :)

Thank You Lord for this wonderful gift.

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