Monday, December 14, 2009

Desperate Housewives

I have not had this little sleep since I had to do my master's thesis. Funny thing is, I was not up doing my dissertation last night. I was just really awake but trying so hard to fall asleep. It was already an ungodly hour and I was still up. Aaargh... I just could not stop my brain from churning useless things. It would have helped if I were at least processing something useful and significant... but nooh... it had to be something as mundane as... never mind. Too mundane to even mention here. *sigh*

I saw Desperate Housewives last night because my sister has been harassing me so we can watch on my Mac. She has now copied them to my HD so she can watch at her own convenient time which should really be not this week because it's Finals Week but I do not think that will stop her.

In one of the episodes, Carlos was diagnosed by the doctor and was told that there is a big chance that he could see again. Gabby his wife started panicking because she has gained a lot of weight and she felt she has let herself go. Of course this is Eva Longoria we are talking about so yes, she still looks hot hehe... Anyhow, compared to the old Gabby, she is several notches lower, use your imagination. She has gained a bit of weight and she is not as glamorous as before anymore because they do not have money anymore since Carlos went blind.

So one night before they slept Gabby told Carlos that she is worried that Carlos might be disappointed because she has lost her luster. She did not want him to be disappointed. Carlos just laughed and he said, "Do you know when I knew I was going to marry you?". Gabby answered, "Yes. When you saw me walking on the catwalk.". To this Carlos said, "That was the time when I knew I wanted to sleep with you. I knew I wanted to marry you when we had dinner and you were up to your elbows eating ribs and you did not care if there was meat hanging in between your teeth and when I told you how terrible you looked you just laughed. When I heard your laughter I just knew I wanted to hear that for the rest of my life.". This of course made me tear up already but what Gabby said made my tears fall. She said,"Do you know when I decided to spend the rest of my life with you?" and Carlos said, "No." and then Gabby said, "Two seconds ago. Before that it was pretty much touch and go.".


They fight a lot but I have always known Carlos loved Gabby soh much. *sigh*

Another episode that made me cry was that one about the handyman Ely Scrubs. My sister pointed out, sometimes the person who touches our lives deeply is the one we tend to overlook and take for granted. Aww...

I have missed watching Desperate Housewives. I really have.

Yes, I am still thinking about what Carlos said to Gabby and I am wondering... *sigh*

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