Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Tummy Tunes

My tummy is singing a tune... Or did I swallow a Drumania machine last night?! I think it's because of my ice cream diet... I cannot eat anything solid yet because of my operation and I have been eating nothing but frozen vanilla yoghurt since yesterday. I was going to buy ice cream but Nestle did not have the plain Vanilla flavor in 2L so I got a BTIC 2L instead. It's sugar-free and 99.99% Fat free so I hope it will not make me gain weight. While not gaining weight was not a factor when I chose the yoghurt, it helps me to stick to the diet. Not like I have much choice but it makes me feel good about eating just that... Hopefully, this will make me lose weight wahaha!!! I hope it won't give me pimples though. :)

I have not been productive today... yet again. Very bad. I think my brain will activate in a while... *chirp chirp* Okay any moment now... *chirp chirp* Okay, I will try again later.

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