Thursday, January 21, 2010

Best Things in Life are Free

I feel free!

Thank you Lord for the opportunity. I thank you for the chance to finally open up and for allowing me to unload. I thank You for the gift of people. It really felt good. While my fears are still ever present, at least now I know I have a sanctuary when things get ugly though I am hoping it will not have to come to that.

I am also happy that the DOST presentation went well and that we do not have much problems. I also thank You for the unexpected bonus *beams*! I will not use it on a bag. I will not use it on bag. I do not need another bag. *big grin*

I am also grateful that the research that I am doing now is finally taking shape. *woot!* I am grateful for the group that you have sent me to because I am really having fun! :)

Thank You for not only getting me a research group but also for getting me a group of friends that I can really talk to.

Thank You.

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