Friday, January 29, 2010

Indang Will Always Love You

Yes, that is to be sung to the tune of I Will Always Love You. :)

This is the life...

Got to Balay Indang early morning yesterday and enjoyed the beautiful old charm that this place has to offer, not to mention (but I am already mentioning) the cool breeze that tickles my skin every now and then. Not only am I enjoying this beautiful paradise with the amazing gastronomical experience due to the intricately and lovingly prepared food, more so I am enjoying the great company of the people I share a laboratory with who also happen to be great friends. :)

We are now finalizing the meeting and I find it hard to make my self leave this place. I am still lounging in one of the cottages... Just hanging around. I love that I got to use rocking chairs (Yes, I used many!) again after a really long time. I finally got to take a bath in a fab bathroom with pebbles and open windows *haha!* (I might be an exhibitionist at heart!) *eww!* and sleep in a house similar to that of Sonya's Garden.

This place really gives your money's worth... Just the food is worth it! :) Service is impeccable and the place is really cozy and homey! :)

I love Balay Indang and I hope to come back again!

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