Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Tooth or Dare

I got rid of my impacted teeth today... Yehey... Maybe am still drugged or something but I feel great! Finally am free of the darned tooth that was making me miserable... It did not hurt, but it was silently scratching my gums and affecting my other teeth. The other tooth while less bothersome was also affecting my other tooth... Bad. So I got rid of them. The dentist said I had nice teeth and that they were like a man's haha! Is that a good thing? After she pulled them out she showed me and boy, they are huge!!! She and her staff asked me aeveral times if I wanted to take them home. I said no firmly many times, after all I am not the sentimental type. They are just teeth. Teeth that I never wanted in my gums to begin with. There is this other tooth that I need to save though... *sigh* I hope it is not too late. I still have two more to get rid of but I will save that for this summer.

I also finished reading Son of a Witch. My last book that is connected to Elphaba... It was bittersweet finishing the book. I wanted to hold on so it will not end but I wanted to learn of the ending too... Elphaba is an amazing character. I miss her already.

The year has started and already I have pending tasks ooops... :) Will step right to it. Tomorrow. I'm high tonight hehe... whooozeeeh....

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