Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First Day High

First teaching day today and I can feel my adrenaline flowing again. My body clock is still messed up but hopefully it will get fixed soon enough. My students made me smile again today. They came up with this tag line.

Open your eyes. Visualize. Actualize.

I thought this was catchy it can even become a shirt. :) Open your eyes to the problem at hand. Visualize what you can do to change it and then act on it. *sigh* I think today was a good first day even if my lecture lasted only two hours today. I love teaching! :)

I am awaiting the paper that will be submitted for PCSC and after that I have to book for Chiang Mai. I just found out that the hotel where the conference will be is already fully booked. I have to make do with other nearby hotels. Ugh. Also, I have to book a flight. There is no direct flight to Chiang Mai via PAL and while I would like to drop by Bangkok. I think I am going to pass because for one, I have been there twice last year and I know I will be spending a lot of moolah if I stop over in Bangkok. I also cannot afford to miss more classes this term as something is eating up my time. I have decided therefore to just stay in Chiang Mai and explore the place as much as the time I am there will allow me (which is really not much). I would probably just end up visiting a couple of temples and the night bazaar perfect because during the day I will be in the conference.

I have not prepared my slides yet *sheepish grin* but I think I have enough time still. I must focus on my DOST report for now.

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