Thursday, January 21, 2010


I really had fun in my classes today. After five hours of teaching at the end of the day I was pooped but I felt good. It was not like the really long vacation. Not that I did not appreciate resting, it was just I felt empty not doing anything productive. :) Also, I really believe teaching rejuvenates the very core of my being. Having this feeling about teaching tells me that I am where I really am supposed to be. I guess this is really what I am supposed to feel when I am where I am supposed to be.

Teaching is a big chunk of who I am and I wonder if someday I will be able to start up my own school... I would be happy with a preschool. :) Very much happy with that indeed. I would love to teach kids. I wonder if I will be any good with kids who are not my siblings hehe...

I really thank the Lord for leading me to this vocation/profession. How many people can actually say that they love what they are doing and get paid for it too? *sigh* I just marvel at the generosity of our dear Lord.

Today was a really good day.

Thank You Lord. :)

Oh and yeah... Tonight I was soh giddy because I finally read the paper that I need for my dissertation!!! I already have an idea how to do the dissertation! Soh thrilled!!! I will be meeting with my students tomorrow and we will identify things that we need to finish this term. Soh darn excited. :) Another thing to thank the Lord for. Thank You for leading me to the solution that I need dear Lord.

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