Friday, January 15, 2010


I have finished 13 Glee episodes! A friend of mine said that the rest will be coming this April. I cannot wait!!! I still have the last song playing in my head... Coz we belong together... Must stop. :)

This series as cheesy as it is makes me sooh high! The songs are just soh happy so no matter what drama is happening in the other characters' lives, every episode is a happy episode. Life is like that though, no matter what your drama is, the world will not stop turning. It will go on without you, so if you wish to sulk, you will get left behind. Time travel, according to theoretical physicists is possible by traveling at the speed of light, however, this will make you move to the future not to the past... So, better to sing a happy tune even when you feel like killing yourself or others... :)

Guhleeh is my happeeh thought!!!

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