Friday, November 06, 2009

Wrestling in the Eyes of My Nine Year Old Self

I was just sharing to a friend how I used to watch World Wrestling Federation when I was nine. Wrestling was to me as Santa was to me and most kids. It was something I waited for every week and it was something that I thought was real. I remembered arguing with some of my friends because I was insisting that wrestling was real.

So now I wonder if wrestling screwed me over and made me think that people do not bleed when you hit them with chairs and baseball bats. I wonder if up to this day, I believe that the crowd cheering will make me stronger as it used to do for Hulk Hogan. I wonder if my subconscious still thinks these things...

Still, looking back, I would still want to watch wrestling because my most fun times that I got to spend with my dad was when we watched wrestling, Tom and Jerry and Woody Woodpecker while we ate popcorn my mom made. I love those times. In wrestling I learned that no matter what happens, you have to continue the fight. I learned that the human body can take more than we think it can. I learned that not everyone will play fair and that sometimes they will disappoint you. I learned that it is okay to face things alone because you can handle things.

I also learned that in life not all things that we see is real. Some things are just there for you to experience and enjoy and hopefully, it will help you build stronger relationships with those who matter, like your family.

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