Monday, November 23, 2009

Psycho Babble

I ran again last Sunday and it was a great joy being able to run 5K all the way. I used to feel like my lungs are about to burst while running the 5K, but for the last two 5K runs I did wonderfully. I did not get tired enough to stop. In fact, I think I can run faster it's just that I am afraid that I might push my self too hard and then end up walking. :) Pacing, pacing is the key I tell my self.

I wonder how I did in the last run! I really hope I did better than my other runs! :)

I'm schleepy... I better go get some rest... Oh wait...

I have to get a separate charger for the iTouch so I do not have to leave my Mac plugged so I can charge it... I now have tons of games and I have one specific favorite! I also love that I was able to download a nice to-do list. I am enjoying the iCal very much as it syncs with my Mac's iCal automatically when I plug my iTouch into my Mac! It's soooh convenient. Hmm... which reminds me I have to spend the rest of the day at the lab tomorrow so I can work on a paper to be submitted. I hope the paper gets in. I am in need to get out of the country. :) My feet are itching to get on a plane *hahaha!*

Also, I finally paid for my BDJ planner today at the bank. I hope to get my BDJ planner within the week! Wow, a year has gone by... Hard to believe. I hope next year will be a great one for me.

Thank You Lord for this year. I know there are still things that I do not understand but I know Lord eventually things will unravel before me.

I was able to download a Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare on my iTouch and I am loving it! Shakespeare writes beautifully, he makes me gush like a teenage girl! I saw Shakespeare in love again the other day and just fell in love all over again! *sigh!* I remember seeing the copy of Romeo and Juliet at the library and I could not read the whole stanzas because they got chopped off, who knows how! Now I am very happy that I can read it from the iTouch! The book comes with a nice tool that scrolls automatically. So kewl!!!

I feel exhausted... I think I'm a-go rest now. :)

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