Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tall Order

No. I do not mean a coffee. :)

Yey! My order for a BDJ Planner is already being processed and it will be en route by tomorrow *woot*! They say the Starbucks planner looks nice this year and that it comes with coupons but it's such a hassle collecting stickers and it is bound to make me fat. Which reminds me I still have a 500 Php worth of GC to spend at Starbucks... Should I just use it to get a nice tumbler to leave at the lab? Hmm...

I have also not used my BDJ coupons. Shame... I still have buy 1 take 1 coupons. Maybe I should just give them away to my students who like to go to coffee shops. I will be hanging out at a coffee shop on Saturday since I will be driving my sister to one of her IT competitions and then straight to Trinoma for a classmate's blowout. Driving in that area makes me soh nervous! There are just way too many buses and trucks! Argh!!!

This morning, I have a nice problem of looking for RFID readers to buy! :) New toys for the lab! I just hope the company I emailed will reply very soon because I want them to tailor an RFID reader for me. :) Spoiled! :) We have the money... I want the reader to be as unobtrusive as possible.

I have already paid for my ticket to see Cats featuring our very own Lea Salonga who will be playing Grizabella! :) *woot!* I am soh excited! This won't be until July next year but I already am excited!

Speaking of tickets, last Sunday my sister and I purchased our tickets for Sweeney Todd as well *yehey!* I hope their adaptation is nice. I cannot wait for that as well but before that happens I have to finish a paper first. At least I have something to look forward to.

I just realized. This month I have spent sooh much! *thwaps self* I better stop this. *grin*

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