Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dissertation Revisited

I finally have enough problems on my dissertation. Yes, this is actually good news! This took me a while because for a while now, I have not opened my dissertation file! :)

I revisited my file last night and just realized that it's actually fun to work on it. I hope that this will continue. Now, I have to dig up some of the articles that I have read and cite them in some parts of my document. Argh! I should have done that a looong time ago. What is wrong with me?!

Today was okay, for a very full day I still got to work on many things so I think I really am improving in terms of managing my day. Hopefully, tomorrow will be good again. Which reminds me, I have several defenses tomorrow. *yikes!* Really busy day tomorrow too!

I am loving our laboratory because I think I can actually do work there. I love that we have a big open space for work instead of my cramped cubicle in the faculty room. Also, the students who disturb me in the lab are those whose works are related to my research so it's still work related to my research. How cool is that?

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