Saturday, November 14, 2009


Reminiscence abounds in my everyday environment. Just earlier I was staring at some of my knickknacks on my table and memories of good times came flooding in. I saw a figurine that once made me laugh until my back hurt because of the intensive "operation" it has undergone for it to be repaired. I looked at it this afternoon and without close scrutiny one would not be able to tell what it looked before the operation many years ago. The experience of the process of repairing that figurine is now more valuable to me than the figurine itself. What it now represents is now more than what it used to.

Like that figurine, I hope my process of recovery would become a pleasing memory that I will recount someday long after I have recovered. I hope to be able to repair myself, not alone, but with the help of many who care and it is also my fervent hope that I would seem as good as new after all this. In the end, I want to be a better person because of this and I would like to touch more lives because of this as well.

It's funny how the most trivial of things I overlook can send me messages from the past for my future.

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