Saturday, November 07, 2009

Saturday Rave!

I have said this before, and I will say this again... I love Saturdays!

I am very, very happy because today I was very productive. Of course this is relative but still. I am happy to say that I have finished reading Environment Psychology of McAndrew. I was able to get substantial material for my dissertation there. Also, I was able to get articles for the final paper that we are to submit in our Emotions Development class. My topic is not really on Emotional Development per se. It's a marriage between Environment Psychology and Emotional Development. I hope my batch of articles will get approved because it is going to be very relevant to my dissertation. I am gaining momentum again. :) Soh happy! I feel so fulfilled when I can work like this. I hope to be like this again next week.

It is soh hard to be productive when I am tempted to just sleep all day. I think I am done with sleeping too much it really is not good for me. I do not want to wile my time on Earth just sleeping in bed. I am missing out on too much. Like this afternoon, while taking a break I laughed so hard with my colleagues at our common area. It feels so great to share a good laugh with friends. Of course after the good laugh I found my way to my cubicle to work.

I am also soh into listening to music again. I have started with a fresh new iTunes and am beginning to populate it with songs I really enjoy. :) I also have created a new batch of play lists and am pondering on buying iPod Nano or iTouch. I am thinking I should just get a Nano because it is lighter and I think it's okay to drop that *hehe*. I am almost sure that I will drop iTouch if I get one. This is the same reason why, no matter how cute, I will not get an iPhone. It will not last a year, I will surely destroy it at some point. My trusty Nokia on the other hand has suffered and lived through all the imaginable tortures a cellphone can be subjected to save the water submersion because that would mean death I think. I have however, managed to get all the diodes wet and for a while I had to make do with a phone with no backlight *haha!*. I thought during that brief moment that seemed to me like an eternity that it has finally given up on me but to my pleasant surprise, it has not and it lives!!!

For the first time in weeks I am not cramming to finish an article because we do not have a class this coming Tuesday. I have to get a head start though for next, next week so I will be reading now, without pressure though and that spells the difference.

Gosh, I really enjoyed my Saturday! :)

Another bonus, one of my Cisco students inquired today if I am still teaching Cisco. I am not handling a class this term and they said they won't take Cisco unless I am the teacher... Aww... I love teaching. :)

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