Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy Shalalala

I am very pleased with myself today. I guess all the endorphins from running 5K non-stop (Finally!) are still in my brain! I mean, really, I feel happy and alive! Another reason why I am probably very giddy is the very cute theme that my sister installed in my phone. Also, after running, I went home to watch the game of Pacquiao on a live telecast and saw the People's Champ win!!! *woot* If that is not enough to make me ecstatic, I drove to Greenhills after the fight and bought myself an iPod Touch! I know I said I was going to buy a Nano but then the difference of the Nano and the iTouch was just 2K. I went for the iTouch and I am super glad I did.

OMG, I am soh having fun using it!!! I can now use FB and Twitter anytime. I can check my email on the go and most of all I can listen to MJ's music anywhere. I have not brought it to the gym yet but I am psyched that I can watch videos while I am on the treadmill, stationary bike and the elliptical machine! *woot!*

I feel great! I should run more often, also I think my body clock has been reset and I think I am back to my normal sleeping habit thanks to the fun run yesterday. I actually slept before 1am last night much to the delight of those who care what time I sleep! *woot!*

I also have fun teaching these days! I hope this will keep on. In the meantime I have to get back to a paper that I really have to write.

*I'm so happy, oh so happy as happy can be!*

Another thing worth mentioning... I am planning to watch Cats featuring our very own Lea Salonga next year. This November, I will be seeing Sweeney Todd with my sister!

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