Sunday, September 20, 2009

Shopping with Sis!

Last night, I got to go out with my sister. It's amazing how I can go shopping with her now. Often she gets to buy more *haha*! I love going on food trips with her and just laughing at almost anything. From the odd clothes that we see, to really mundane observations! I really had a great time last night!

I also got to buy a new pair of jeans! Love, love GAP jeans! I might stick to GAP from now on. I love how they fit and how they feel on my skin! I should have known all this time. Grab is okay but the fit is not that great on me. :) Plains and Prints were on sale too so I got myself two tops! Yey! I especially love the other top that I got, it's so different from what I usually buy and even my sister loves it so... :) It has to be good!

I am still struggling to lose all the weight and all the lower ab flab but I think I am doing better. Planning to go back to swimming again (when will I stop planning and actually start doing?).

I also got two books from Powerbooks because they were on sale! *woot!* I got Wicked and Son of a Witch! Can't wait to read them.

I just finished Leonardo da Vinci by Freud, a book I borrowed from the library. It's very interesting. I am amazed by the thoughts they can conjure up given just a few lines from Da Vinci's notebook, describing his dream about a bird! :) I was reading Time Traveler's Wife but I have not continued in a while. It's my brother's copy (that he borrowed) and I haven't snatched it away yet. :) I also want to read Like Water is to Chocolate. Maybe I will read that first. :) Janine has been asking me to read it forever. Maybe I will read it finally!

Janine went food tripping at Dezaato Pan! They offer really interesting stuff there! I especially loved Choco Otaku. I love the cookie on top of the bread and then the liquid chocolate in the core of the bread. The cakes were okay too though I did not like the Japanese cheesecake. It had more flour than cheese. I still think my mom's cheesecake is the best in the whole wide world!!!

Next week will be crazy so I plan to take it slow today. :) Unless of course, I run out of things to do then I will work.

All for now!

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