Monday, September 14, 2009

Before the Clock Strikes Twelve

It is currently 11pm in the evening and am trying struggling to write a paper for the upcoming symposium we are about to have. *yikes!* My work shrinks to lilliputian proportions compared to the papers I have already read. I wonder if it is even worth publishing. My adviser is prodding me to go publish it but really now... Is it worth anything?!

Experiment is still running on Mac. I let my Vaio rest for today. I am thinking if I should just leave it running in one of the servers at our lab. Maybe that is what I will do tomorrow since I only have one class. *woot!* Wonder what my schedule for my audit class in PhD would be? I know it does not sound so appealing that I am still taking audit classes even though I am supposed to be done with course work but you know what? It's fun! Especially since this term I will get to take up emotion theory. Someday, if I still have enough brain cells left, I might take up Psychology. I want to start my own preschool someday...

How dreams change. I used to want to be a newscaster, a theater actor, now I want to be a preschool teacher?! *haha* do not get me wrong though, have not given up on acting and broadcasting. Maybe on the radio. Who knows... For now, I have this PhD to deal with *haha* Should I put my life on hold?

A part of me is regretting not going to Osaka when I was given the offer. Maybe I need time away from all the teaching so I can get my PhD done. Hmm... I still do not have the data so I really have to stay for now.

First day of classes was great. I have the same set of students in one class and a new set in another. My new PERSEF class is from ECE and I think they are all nice. They have very high expectations and I hope I can meet them. They're fun but I can tell they take everything seriously. Something, very rare in kids nowadays. OMG, am talking like an adult! *help*

The Japanese professors are coming this Friday and so on Saturday, the lab is planning to make a day trip to Tagaytay. Wonder if it will be fun to go... Thinking about it because the whole Friday I will be an emcee to an orientation. *boo* I used to enjoy these things but now, they're not so fun anymore... I would much rather sleep in. *haha sloth!*

I have to get back to reading papers I can only hope to produce someday.

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