Tuesday, September 29, 2009


No classes again today. This means I do not have to finish my paper 'til next week but because I want to finish anyway, I will try to finish the paper today *really hopeful haha*.

I have dinner tonight with friends since one of them will be getting married. I am the emcee and my program is not ready yet, good luck to me! I will have a co-emcee but he won't be here 'til two days before the wedding *haha!*! I am sure we'll be able to pull it off. To make matters even more interesting, the groom is French and I hope I can pronounce all the names correctly.

To top it all off, I am being asked to sing a song well, a duet with one of my colleagues! I know this other guy could sing, no doubt about that but the thing is... I can't! I will be so high strung I don't think I will be able to carry a tune so I hope they will change their minds soon.

I got to do grocery shopping by bulk yesterday with mom and sis. My sister had a stroke of genius and decided to help out. I was planning to do it when classes resume but she could not wait, which I really, really admire. So we headed off to the grocery store and delivered at DLSU. I was amazed by how many students were there and my the many donations they have amassed. Amazing!

Today, I got a phone call informing me about a network job for Red Cross. I am still waiting for further instructions. I am more than willing to help, I hope I will be able to deliver though. :) It has been a while though so I am wondering if things are going to push through still. It's in Ortigas and that's a bit far for me but if they found Network guys already that's fine by me too. In any case I am all set and ready to go.

There have been some announcements that classes might not resume until next week. I am not sure if this is true at all. But if it is, that means we will have to pay for this during the term. This means we will have to rush second term again and have all those make-up classes on days when we are not supposed to have classes. Oh well... This is all for the better though.

I am touched by my friends whom I have not heard from for so long who have contacted me just to see if I am alright.

Thanks! :)

I hope all the others who are affected are now finding their way to recovery. I am happy to see soh many people reach out... Seriously, there are just soh many of them! Filipinos are really amazing!

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